Friday, January 13, 2012

My vacation in food

You probably already guessed it... I went to Italy for the holidays. This is my vacation in food! And it's not just about pasta and pizza...
I had some fusion sushi and Turkish delight as well!

Vegetables by L'Osteria dell'Orso, Orvieto.
Turkish Delight, a gift from my dear friend Sandra.
Fusion sushi by GUS, Perugia.
Bellini cocktail by Caffè di Perugia.
Pizza "Emergency" by Pizzeria Mediterrana, Perugia.
Pasta by L'Osteria dell'Orso, Orvieto.
Cappuccino by Sandri, Perugia.
Torta al testo by La Taverna, Perugia.
Caramelle pasta by La Taverna, Perugia.
Caprese salad by Wine bar dei Frescobaldi, Rome.

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