Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Monitaly... a casual yet perfect menswear collection


Bali, Java, Hawaii, Havana... are not only beautiful holiday destinations... but also the inspiration for the latest Monitaly collection. In fact, these cities are the provenance of some of the most gorgeous fabrics and garments on the planet.

Don't you just love those Indonesian ikat and batik prints? How about the famous Hawaiian flower prints? And last but not least, which man can live through summer without a cool guabera shirt from Cuba?!

I fell completely in love with Monitaly, a hipster brand from California, originated by designer Yuki Matsuda. His three biggest passions are his daughter Monica, the military and Italy (giving the fashion brand its name). It's a casual label, but make no mistake, there's a keen eye for detail. You can also clearly see Matsuda's love for vintage fabrics.

Monitaly sells blazers, parkas, shirts, pants, shorts, as well as accessories such as ties and caps. So gentlemen, there's no more excuse to look sloppy at home, the office or on holiday!

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Café el Escorial, Havana, Cuba

Are you one of those people who always longs for a good cup of coffee while on holiday? Unless your travel destination is Italy, it can be hard to find the right coffee bar. Not in Havana though! The best espresso in town is served at Café el Escoríal in Plaza Vieja.

Besides espresso you can also order a café cubano, café con leche as well as other coffee specialties or cold drinks.

If you can break free from the marvelous view of the lively Plaza Vieja, do take a look inside, where Café el Escoríal roasts its own coffee beans (which also make a perfect souvenir to take home).

Café el Escoríal
Mercaderes No 317, Plaza Vieja
Havana, Cuba

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Monday, May 5, 2014

Ready for the new wedding season?



Saturday I went to an event organized by Eudia hats and secondhand designer resale platform The Next Closet. They joined forces in a one-day-only pop-up boutique. It was a match made in heaven! In fact Eudia and The Next Closet showed all their goodies for the new wedding season.... dresses, skirts, bags (by Chanel and Charlotte Olympia), high heels and of course lovely handmade hats. I fell in love with a tuxedo jacket by Karl Lagerfeld and a pair of intoxicating green sandals by Dolce & Gabbana... but unfortunately they were not my size. So ladies, make a run for it!

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