Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Food Truck Event Rrrollend Den Haag


Last weekend a wonderful food truck event came for the first time to The Hague... Rrrollend Den Haag. The venue was the famous "Lange Voorhout", a perfect spot for people to come together, listen to some music, try delicious food and drinks at the various food trucks and really just have a good time.

I loved the Spanish style pintxos (a piece of toasted bread with topping) with grilled veggies, salmon, prosciutto and pâté by All Class Food Experience! If you ask me, this was one of the most popular food trucks. But I also tried a vegetarian burger by the Vegetarische Slager and a spicy tortilla by Tante Tortilla.

Too bad I'm not a big eater... because I would have loved to try a lot more! There were Cuban sandwiches, French crêpes, Moroccan pancakes, oven baked stuffed potatoes, mussels and oysters, fruit smoothies, cakes, etc. etc. But the good news is... the event will most likely be back in december!

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Monday, September 22, 2014

In Between Seasons

Although I love the end of summer (everybody seems to enjoy the sun, the beautiful weather and the beach a lot more when it’s the end of season), I hate that I never know what to wear… one day it’s cold, the next it’s warm again… chilly in the morning, early dark at night…

As a fashion addict I always look forward to the new pre-fall, fall and winter collections, so in a way I can’t wait to put those warmer clothes on again. On the other hand… I don’t want to stow away my summer staples just yet. The result? A mix of summer and winter accessories! A Panama hat combined with a turtleneck, a pair of summer sandals with a felt fedora…

Hat by Borsalino.
Sunglasses by Ray-Ban.
Ring by Vaçide Erda Zimic.
Sweater by Zara.
Sandals by Canfora.
Peruvian bag bought at a market.

Photos taken with my cell phone & previously published on my Instagram account @tarasdolcevita.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

KUA Mexican Kitchen, The Hague, The Netherlands



Mexican food has been undervalued for a long time if you ask me. Maybe some Mexican restaurants are to blame for their own sloppy image. Not KUA Mexican Kitchen though! This relatively new hotspot in The Hague is the cream of the crop. Pure, authentic, delicious food, nice interior decoration, good service and a great atmosphere is what sets them apart from other (Mexican) eateries.

The extensive menu offers something for everyone, fish or meat lovers and vegetarians alike. I love their simple green salad, but the tacos, chicken in homemade "mole" sauce and the black Angus steak, "Corte de Arrachera Monterrey", are also very good!

Chef and owner Daniel Muñoz Sheridan is a very good host! Always smiling, always making time for his customers. There's actually only one downside to KUA Mexican Kitchen.... and that is that it's so popular, you have to book (way) in advance.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants Party




On September 3rd I went to Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants awards ceremony & party in Lima, Peru. The venue of the festivities was the marvelous Country Club Hotel, a colonial style villa with the grandeur of bygone times.

The party was sponsored by San Pellegrino, Acqua Panna and Veuve Cliquot. Champagne was obviously richly flowing, but since we were in Peru... there was also an abundance of Pisco Sour (and a ceviche buffet).

It turned out to be a great party, especially when no less than 8 Peruvian restaurants made it to the list... and the number one was revealed... a restaurant from Lima....Central! Chef Virgilio Martínez Véliz was over the moon with joy.

Later that night I was so lucky to get a picture with him. Other winners shown here: Gastón Acurio from Astrid y Gastón (No. 2) and Carolina Bazán from Ambrosía (No. 37). I also met the Peruvian minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Mrs. Magali Silva Velarde - Álvarez, who had big plans for both the restaurant world and the tourism sector.

The afterparty was held at restaurant La Picantería (No. 31), which was turned into a hot salsa club! Chilcanos were made by the gallon... needless to say everybody had a hangover the next morning. But who cares? We danced the night away with Peruvians, Americans, Chileans, Italians, etc. The United Nations of the restaurant scene!

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Many thanks to the organisation of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants; PromPerú and USP Marketing PR!