Thursday, January 19, 2012

January Wishlist

It's still cold and grey outside, but I'm already looking forward to a new, colourful season! And I'm not just talking about spring... but also about winter sports, because there's a lot of people who'll hit the slopes in the first months of the year!!

Champagne by Moët & Chandon
Bracelet by Barong Barong
Shoes by Emilio Pucci at Paul Warmer
Scarves by Missoni at Paul Warmer
Goggles by Oakley, at De Skihut
Pullover by A Diamond in the Snow at De Skihut
Ski pants by Brunotti at De Skihut
Backpack by Burton at De Skihut
Moon boots delux by Technica at De Skihut
Beanie by Spyder at De Skihut

Photos courtesy of Moët & Chandon, Barong Barong, De Skihut, Emilio Pucci through Paul Warmer, Missoni through Paul Warmer. Thanks guys!

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