Friday, September 24, 2010

The end of summer...

The end of summer in The Hague, The Netherlands!
Showing the upcoming trends for this fall/winter: faux fur, kaki, leather jackets, hotpants for winter, red accessories, elaborated trenchcoats, leopard prints...



Francoise & Mark


Anonymous lady


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beautiful fortress town Naarden, The Netherlands

Next time you're traveling to Amsterdam, stop by the area known as 't Gooi as well. 't Gooi consists of various small towns such as Naarden, Bussum, Blaricum, Laren, Hilversum. It's only half an hour drive from Amsterdam. What you'll get? Beautiful nature, woods, lakes, little villages, with lot's of villa's, shops....

Naarden is an old fortressed garrison town; it was given city rights in 1351.
The Netherlands Fortess Museum is located here and definitely worth paying a visit.
The same goes for all the antiques shops and the "interior design mall" Het Arsenaal by Jan des Bouvrie!!!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Missoni in a bottle...

Last week I went to the local - not so trendy - pizzeria and I couldn't believe my eyes.... they had San Pellegrino dressed in Missoni....

I have to admit, the waiters looked a little bit funny when I asked them if I could take home the bottle... but I'm sooo happy now! Nothing beats a Missoni zigzag!

Monday, September 20, 2010

H&M lightens up my day

You gotta love H&M for affordable bathings suits! Especially when you're going on vacation and want to change outfits every day ;-)

The Chocolate Line, Antwerp, Belgium

Almost all women love chocolate... so gentlemen, if you really want to spoil your wife or girlfriend, take her to Shock-o-latier Dominique Persoone, in Antwerp, Belgium. Belgium is famous for the food of the gods and Mr Persoone is a master in his profession!
He supplies chocolate to Michelin star restaurants and the international jet set, including rockstars like Mick Jagger. He has invented 'pralines' with grown up flavours such as Basil, Sake, Saffron, Lemongrass and Cabernet-Sauvignon. And gentlemen, it doesn't hurt either that there's a flavour called Havana... tasting like a Cohiba cigar!
Besides 'pralines', there are chocolate lipsticks, massage bars and chocolate you can sniff.... now that's something else!!! Irresistible...

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sol beach, Scheveningen, The Netherlands

Sol is definitely one of my favourite beachclubs in The Netherlands. It has a Latin American feel to it: multi coloured chairs and tables, mostly latin music (Joao, Bebel, Salsa and latin lounge), cocktails, tapas on the menu, as well as salads, burgers and...... B.B.Q.! You can even get a little b.b.q. on your own you can enjoy some wonderful grilled food, without having the fuss of cleaning up afterwards! Not only for meat and seafood lovers but also suitable for vegetarians. Think corn on the cob, cheese filled mushrooms and nice veggies.
Scheveningen? Some people might say, but it's not loaded with tourists as some of the other beachclubs. This is the real deal!!! Clientele consists of  surfers, young couples & singles (according to a national newspaper a very good pick-up place), families with children, etc. Oh and... staff and customers are refreshingly laid back.
Sol beach:

Today's Look... Sandals!

Ohhh do I love sandals! Flat or with high heels.... it doesn't matter!
This pair comes from Paul Warmer:
Tell me what you think of them!

Schmuggler Alm, Samnaun, Switzerland

Do you like skiing? And après-skiing? Then you must go to the best après-ski-bar in the world: Schmuggler Alm in Samnaun, Switzerland. It's my alltime favourite!!!
Samnaun is a duty free paradise, close to the Italian as well as the Austrian border and therefore once the perfect place for smugglers.
The village has joined forces with its Austrian neighbour Ischgl, resulting in the skiresort "Silvretta Arena Samnaun / Ischgl".

Schmuggler Alm belongs to the wealthy Hangl family, who owns several hotels, bars, restaurants and duty free shops. They serve hot and cold drinks, snacks, pizzas and local specialties, accompanied by typical après-ski music, played by various famous dj's. It's one big party!! And be warned.... you won't wanna leave.....

Ps. They sell great souvenirs in the basement!

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Gas Bijoux

Just got a new pair of Gas earrings for my birthday.... and I love them!!

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