Wednesday, June 27, 2012

People... Scott Schuman & Garance Doré

Last week a long treasured dream came true: I met my idols Scott Schuman -also known as The Sartorialist- and Garance Doré walking down the street in Florence!

That particular day many things went wrong, appointments were delayed and canceled... and if they wouldn't have been, I would have never met them! Destiny? I think so.

Anyhow, Scott and Garance have inspired me for many years and it was so nice to finally meet them in person. I was a bit nervous (starstruck...) but I think they understood. They were very nice!

Both Scott and Garance have made a big difference in the blogosphere and have been an example for many bloggers like me.

Personally I can say that they have inspired me and cheered me up on many occasions. Grazie, merci beaucoup, thanks guys and keep up the good work!

For more information, please visit:

The Sartorialist:

Garance Doré:


  1. ciao tara!!!I'm sorry,,,i was a mistake extinguish your comment,,,,sorry
    thank you following!!
    buona lavoro!!!



  2. Wow!!!!!!!!!!! So fabulous!! I agree with you...they are so important for our blog world and of course, in the fashion world.
    So happy that you got a chance to meet them!