Friday, June 22, 2012

Firenze 4ever Fashion Super Heroes Party

Last sunday I attended the Super Fashion Heroes Party, which was the closing night for the Firenze 4ever event organised by luxury fashion retailer Luisa Via Roma, in Florence, Italy.
I had a small wardrobe anxiety attack preceiding the event... Reason? The über fashionable guestlist and one of the hardest dresscodes I had ever seen.... namely 'Super Fashion Heroes'!

But after a little digging through my closet I came up with an idea... and a hero: Margherita Missoni. I love the way she dresses and what she has done for the famous brand founded by her grandparents Ottavio and Rosita Missoni. So I put on a Missoni scarf and my problem was solved.

Many guests interpreted the dresscode in a very different way, which resulted in a wonderful mix of lots of birds-of-paradise! On the photos shown here, you see among many others Dutch designers Conny Groenewegen (in a knitted white dress) and Ralph Vaessen (with beard and glasses of his own design), Cristina Egger from the Dutch Fashion Foundation (in an orange and black print top) and the lovely Luisa Via Roma employees Inez and Kerima.

For more information about Firenze 4Ever, please visit:

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