Saturday, June 16, 2012

Osteria Santo Spirito, Florence, Italy

Osteria Santo Spirito is located in... you guessed that right... Piazza di Santo Spirito, in the Oltrarno area. Less touristy than the city centre, but still very busy! Reservations are a must, especially if you would like to sit outside and dine 'al fresco'.

Osteria Santo Spirito serves all kinds of pasta, in either a small (ridotta) or big portion; soups; big salads; hors d'oevres and entrées. They have local specialties like "crostini di fegatini" (chicken liver canapés), "ribollita" (Tuscan bread and vegetables soup), "trippa alla Fiorentina" (tripe) and beef "tagliata" with rocket salad and Parmesan flakes.

For the vegetarians among us there is plenty to choose from. How about pasta with tomato sauce and ricotta cheese or truffles or walnut sauce? Even fish lovers will leave satisfied after a swordfish carpaccio or "spaghetti alle vongole"!

Enough about the food (which is great). The location is even better. Osteria Santo Spirito is only minutes away from Palazzo Pitti, the Boboli Gardens and the Ponte Vecchio. The square is usually the theatre of local artists, foreign students, tourists taking pictures, children walking their dogs... La Dolce Vita!

Osteria Santo Spirito
Piazza di Santo Spirito 16
50125, Florence, Italy
Tel. 0039 055 2382383

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