Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Orange delight!

Orange… for some it’s a fashion colour, for others it represents the colour of their team and for the Dutch Royal family it’s their last name! And you know what? You can be just as classy as the Dutch royals with these fashionable orange items! Buy them now and you’ll be just in time for Queen’s Day or "Koninginnedag". On the 30th of April the Dutch celebrate the birthday of Queen Beatrix and the whole country is 'covered' in orange! Book your trip to Amsterdam while you still can!

Cocktail by 10 Corso Como:
Leather jacket by Goosecraft:
T-shirt by Braez:
Skirt by Rinascimento:
Striped t-shirt by Set:
Bikini by H&M:
Strapless top by Elisabetta Franchi:
Trousers by Met Jeans: &
Flip-flops by TKEES:
Bikini by H&M:
Coat by H&M:

Photos H&M items: courtesy of H&M.
Photos all other items: courtesy of SO PR.

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