Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Eudia hats

Hats… I’m officially addicted to them! Panama hats, Fedora’s, pillboxes, fascinators, even baseball caps. Fortunately it has become much easier (and cheaper) to find a nice hat these days. Now that department stores and big fashion chains like Zara and H&M have included them in their collections. Of course nothing compares to a handmade hat! Like the marvelous hats by Eudia.

This relatively new hat brand is designed and handmade by Evelien Smit, a young milliner with an education in anthropology and business administration. While traveling through Latin America, she took the decision to pursue her big passion for hats and become a milliner. (Sounds like a fairy tale, doesn’t it?)

After various courses in millinery and some experience in a hat shop in Buenos Aires, Evelien moved back home to open up shop. Or, to put it in her own words: “I didn’t want to find myself sixty years old and realising that I missed out on a great opportunity”.

Eudia hats are intended to make every woman look more elegant. Therefore you won’t find any crazy hats at Evelien’s studio-slash-showroom. Elegance is key! One of her goals is to bring back hats as a common fashion accessory. After having seen her latest collection, I can easily say that she will succeed! The hats are just ‘to die for’.

Eudia hats are handmade and customized especially for each client. That way your hat will not only complement your outfit, but also the form of your face. You can wear them either for special occasions, like a wedding, or simply for a day out on the town (or the polo club for that matter).

My advice: buy an Eudia hat now… and you’ll be the proud owner of a collector’s item in, let’s say, 5 to 10 years! One hat from the latest collection was actually featured in the first Dutch Vogue! Talking about collector’s items…

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