Saturday, November 19, 2011

George Deli U.S.A., Amsterdam

George Deli U.S.A. is a bar slash restaurant in the old centre of Amsterdam. It's located in the very cosy Utrechtsestraat, hence the Deli's name: Utrechtse Straat Amsterdam (U.S.A.).

George Deli U.S.A. serves international classics like French baguettes, a Caprese sandwich, Eggs Benedict, Lasagna, but also typical American dishes like Caesar Salad, Club Sandwich and Mac & Cheese.

It's the perfect place for either breakfast, lunch, dinner or coffee (to go). I had the soup of the day: saffron and peppers.... yummy! The cakes & shakes are also very good.

The crowd is international and trendy, reflecting the neighbourhood's atmosphere. After lunch, walk downstairs to organic supermarket Marqt, to take home some fresh delicacies.

George Deli U.S.A.
Utrechtsestraat 17
1017 VL Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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