Sunday, March 20, 2016

Florida has the best...

Today was officially the first day of spring, but it’s so terribly cold… To me it really feels like it’s still winter. In fact, I’m still wearing my winter coat and trying to eat as much fruit and vegetables as I can! Including grapefruit from Florida. Did you know that this particular type of grapefruit is sweeter than the others? And that characteristic makes it perfect for smoothies, cocktails and salads!

A little while ago I went to a workshop at the fabulous Markthal in Rotterdam (at De Wereld van Smaak), where a nutritionist, a chef and a mixologist taught me everything there is to know about grapefruit. Especially the Florida grapefuit. I didn’t know either, but it really has a totally different taste than other types & it contains vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium and dietary fiber… just what I need right now!

We made a mocktail (or virgin cocktail, if you like) with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, tonic water, elderflower syrup, 3 slices of cucumber, a few mint leaves, some ice cubes and dried rose buds.... it was so delicious! And I did not miss the alcohol in the cocktail at all! The cherry on the cake was the goodiebag I got to take home... filled with lots of Florida grapefruits and even a blender, to make smoothies at home!

For more information please visit:
Florida Grapefruit 
Markthal Rotterdam
De Wereld van Smaak

Photos without logo courtesy of Golin for Florida Department of Citrus.

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