Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter Photo Diary


I can't believe how time flies... Easter was over in a flash! Maybe that's because I had a lot of fun? And because it took me a long time to prepare for it... picking out flowers, choosing food and drinks, decorating the house, doing grocery shopping... Anyway, Easter brunch was a big succes! Everybody loved the food (and so did I).

We had "colomba" (traditional Italian Easter cake), sandwiches with smoked salmon, Parma ham and truffled egg salad, deviled eggs, a big fruit salad with pineapple, figues and passion fruit, Chardonnay wine from Alois Lageder and I made chilcanos... (a Peruvian cocktail)!

The weather was sunny but very cold and windy... hopefully that will change soon. So how was your Easter weekend? Tell me all about it on facebook, twitter or instagram.

Colomba by Loison
Easter eggs by Leonidas
Wine by Alois Lageder

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