Saturday, September 13, 2014

In Love with Peru!

Last week I went on a trip to Peru. My first time there... and it was absolutely stunning! The people are super friendly, the food and cocktails were delicious, the hotels I stayed in superb, the various landscapes breathtakingly beautiful!

I went to Machu Picchu, surfing (oh well... I tried) in the Pacific Ocean, sightseeing in Lima and Cusco, relaxing in the Sacred Valley, salsa dancing, shopping (of course), to a food festival (Mistura), on several excursions in the jungle and more and more!

One of the highlights, besides Machu Picchu, was my visit to the Mario Testino Museum in Lima, MATE. He's one of my favourite photographers and it was a dream come true to see his photos in "Gargantuan" size.

The following weeks I will publish several articles about Peru, so stay tuned!

Ps. Thanks to Jeannette and Manon for taking my picture.

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