Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Food Truck Event Rrrollend Den Haag


Last weekend a wonderful food truck event came for the first time to The Hague... Rrrollend Den Haag. The venue was the famous "Lange Voorhout", a perfect spot for people to come together, listen to some music, try delicious food and drinks at the various food trucks and really just have a good time.

I loved the Spanish style pintxos (a piece of toasted bread with topping) with grilled veggies, salmon, prosciutto and pâté by All Class Food Experience! If you ask me, this was one of the most popular food trucks. But I also tried a vegetarian burger by the Vegetarische Slager and a spicy tortilla by Tante Tortilla.

Too bad I'm not a big eater... because I would have loved to try a lot more! There were Cuban sandwiches, French crêpes, Moroccan pancakes, oven baked stuffed potatoes, mussels and oysters, fruit smoothies, cakes, etc. etc. But the good news is... the event will most likely be back in december!

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  1. Ziet er ontzettend leuk uit. Wij konden helaas niet!

  2. Thanks Maarten! Volgende keer beter (waarschijnlijk komen ze in december al terug..)!