Monday, April 1, 2013

Yes... they're back!

Finally... after 6 long winter months Beachclub Doen has reopened it's doors! Oh well, winter is not really over yet, but as long as you wear your winter coat, you'll be just fine. Or... you can snuggle up on the sofa in their brand new sunroom, not affected by the wind, but still able to enjoy the sunset!

Beachclub Doen has made some more changes, or rather improvements. The outdoor lounge area has been redecorated in a ski lodge style (think antlers on the wall); the lunch area now has round tables with curved benches (perfect for a get-together with friends or family) and there are some new delicious dishes on the menu!

One thing Doen didn't change is the staff, 'cause hey... never change a winning team!

For more information, please read my previous review of Doen:

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