Friday, April 19, 2013

The Fashion Circus at SO PR

Definition of cir•cus
1a. A public entertainment consisting typically of a variety of performances by acrobats, clowns, and trained animals.
b. A traveling company that performs such entertainments.
c. A circular arena, surrounded by tiers of seats and often covered by a tent, in which such shows are performed.
[source: the free dictionary]

The theme of SO PR's press days was "The Fashion Circus"... referring to the (in)famous article by Suzy Menkes on the fashion scene, who according to Menkes nowadays look more "like peacocks than crows [...] Or, more accurately in the fashion world, the celebrity circus of people who are famous for being famous".

Whether you agree with her or not... fashion is still about looks, colours and creativity; about seeing and being seen; about standing out or blending in. I love the (fashion) circus... the bright colours, the outrageous prints, glitter and glamour, sugar candy, wild animals... birds of Paradise!

This was SO PR's version of the fashion circus... Thank you guys for an entertaining afternoon with loads of new ideas, inspiration and of course... fashion!!!

For more information, please visit:

"The Circus of Fashion" by Suzy Menkes:

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