Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Catch of the Day... Sexy heels!

My Catch of the Day are these incredibly sexy high heels by Argentinian brand Comme Il Faut! I love the colour combination, the golden heels and the fact that there is only a limited number made of each model. There perfect for spring don't you think?

For more information on Comme Il Faut, please visit:

Photos courtesy of Lisadore for Comme Il Faut.


  1. Well, these are definetly a "love at first sight"!!!
    Do you happen to know where could I get those? Checked out the Lisdore site but couldn't find these there... :(

  2. Hi! You can / could get them through Lisadore... but if they're sold out, they take them off the site. The concept of Comme Il Faut, is that they only make a limited number of shoes of every model.
    Why don't you e-mail Lisadore? You never know...

  3. Hi! Thanks for the answer! Unfortunately I couldn't find those anywhere... Will try to make a request ;)