Monday, January 14, 2013


In January some extra vitamins never hurt… whether they’re real vitamins (as in fruit and vegetables) or figurative ones (as in bright colours, fresh flowers, colourful inspiration).

Cleaning the house; storing Christmas ornaments...
Eating lot's of fruit, veggies, salad and my favourite club sandwich...
Making my own vegetables soup...
Fresh Ecuador roses on the table...
Pure fruit smoothies from Innocent...
(Don't you just love the beanies?! they're part of a charity project)

Christmas ornaments:
White bowl by Lifestyle:
Yellow plate by Lou Rota for Anthropologie:
Butterflies napkin by le Chic... di Silvia
Via dei Magoni 6b, Orvieto, Italy
Paisley cushions in the background:
Smoothies by Innocent:

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