Thursday, August 2, 2012

Enoteca Fuori Porta, Florence, Italy

Thank God Enoteca Fuori Porta is too far from the centre of Florence to attract loads of tourists! This is a place where the Fiorentini meet for a glass of wine, lunch among friends or a romantic dinner date!

I was introduced to Fuori Porta by my friend Luigi in 1997 and I've loved it ever since. In winter time it's very cosy inside; in summer you can sit outside and enjoy the view. And what a're looking at the old city walls... giving "Fuori Porta" it's name. Outside the city gate!

The menu offers anything from small bites to complete three course meals. Antipasti such as crostini (see photos), crostoni, salads, pasta, grilled vegetables, burrata, you name it. Oh and don't get me started on the wonderful wine list!

Enoteca Fuori Porta is a place not to be missed! Not just because of the excellent food, wine and atmosphere, but also to get to know a different kind of neighbourhood than the usual city centre and Oltrarno area. Buon divertimento!

Enoteca Fuori Porta
Via del Monte alle Croci, 10 
50125 Florence, Italy

Tel. +39 055 234 2483

For more information, please visit:


  1. The wine and the pasta picture pretty much sold me on this place :)

  2. It tasts just as good as it looks ;-)