Friday, December 10, 2010

Ortigia.... luxurious toiletries

Ortigia is one of those brands that makes you terribly greedy! Whenever I stop by an Ortigia store... I have to buy some of their products. Their product line consists mainly of luxurious toiletries (perfumed bath oil, bath salts, soap, body creme, lotion), but they also have goodies for your house, such as candles and perfumed drawer sachets.

The brand name comes from the Sicilian Island of Ortigia, which was dominated by a number of foreign oppressors - Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs - al influencing the area.
Ortigia is a beautiful small island and it is the historical part of the city of Siracusa.

The colours, scents and design used in the Ortigia range are all Sicilian, reflecting the local traditions and surroundings. Furthermore, all of the plants used in Ortigia toiletries are indigenous to Sicily, making them the perfect "souvenir" to bring back home. But even when you haven't been to Sicily, or Italy for that matter.... Ortigia products make wonderful (Christmas) gifts!!!

Store locations include Florence, London, Tokio and Siracusa, of course. For other points of sales and their online store, please visit: 

Photos taken with Samsung Galaxy S phone.

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