Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jackie's Cocktail party

Jackie.... a famous name... a famous woman.... and now a famous magazine! Correct: my favourite fashion magazine.

Today Jackie threw a party at the Miljonar Fair (where else?) in Amsterdam. And I was so lucky to be invited! It was a great chance to meet the women behind the magazine, who turned out to be even wittier than I already thought. The magazine is known for its beautiful photo's, great styling, bachelor list, best dressed list and good interviews, but I think their humour is the best part. Too bad not all of you can read it.... (it's in Dutch). Maybe one fine day they will make an international edition as well..?!

On these pictures you'll see the Jackie Hotel, with a lounge, small spa, bar, fortune teller, etc. Oh... and the So You Think You Can Dance finalists. I'm sure Jackie (O. that is) would have been proud!

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