Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Balenciaga and the changing silhouette

The Victoria’s Secret shows, Beyoncé’s performances, the models on the cover of Vogue or Men’s Health… it’s all about the body! Showing off your body has become one of the biggest hobbies for young -and not so young- people on social media.

But is it a new thing? Definitely not! The current fashion exhibition at Momu Antwerp focuses on the changing shapes (of clothes) in fashion and therefore the changing image of the (female) body.

'Game Changers – Reinventing the 20th century silhouette' is not a traditional retrospective, instead it "looks at the groundbreaking work of fashion designer Cristóbal Balenciaga whose innovations in the middle of the 20th century created a radically new silhouettte, in which the body got freedom of movement and architectural volumes created a space around the body."

MoMu hardly ever organizes its exhibitions in a chronological order by the way. Instead, the exhibition is divided into different themes, such as Classical inspiration; Rethinking the body; Exploring the sleeve; From waist to shoulders; Kimono influences; Babydoll, the road to abstraction and more.

I also love how the curators, Miren Arzalluz and Karen Van Godtsenhoven, incorporated many videos into the exhibition, showing original footage of the clothes, where you can actually see them in motion.

I could go on and on about this exhibition, but the best thing to do, is not to read about it, but to visit it! So pack your bags and book a plane or train to ticket to Antwerp before it's too late. You still have about 10 days to check it out… so you better hurry!

My apologies... I wanted to write about this wonderful exhibition at Momu Antwerp from the day it got inaugurated, but due to personal obligations and work overload, I just didn’t find the time.

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