Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Amsterdam Fashion Week about to start...

Ahead of the official start of Amsterdam Fashion Week tomorrow (opening night), let's look back at last year's edition. There were of course many beautiful fashion shows, models, celebrities and fashion royalty... There was a live orchestra at the show of Dorhout Mees.... there were Persian carpets that I wanted to take home at Claes Iversen (along with ALL the different outfits)...

And then there was the "red carpet"! I always love watching everybody arrive, see what they're wearing, discover new street style trends. Last year's "it" colour was definitely yellow. I wonder what we'll get to see this year. My guess: silk bomber jackets, crazy stripes and every shade of blue.

Shown here among others: Winonah de Jong in a wonderful yellow dress by Claes Iversen, May-Britt Mobach, Editor in Chief and founder of, wearing jeans and yellow heels, Dutch shoe designer Jan Jansen and his wife Tonny and last but not least, beautiful model and presenter Marvy Rieder freezing out in the cold in a mini dress... all for the perfect picture.

And yes... that's me in a yellow fun fur coat (don't worry, I would never wear real fur)!

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