Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Affordable Holiday Gifts

Yeah Christmas is coming... and even sooner than you think! You still have two weeks left to get those Christmas gifts, so in case you have no clue yet what to buy... here are some affordable suggestions for everyone in the family. All gifts shown here are under €10 / $11 and some even under €5 / $5,50!

Lips keychain by Fab for Hema:
Santa mug by Sostrene Grenes:
Mini panettone (cake) by Chiostro di Saronno:
Santa salt shaker by Zara Home:
Santa chocolates by Lindt: 
Spritz candy by Pastiglie Leone:
Barbecue sauce by Jack Daniels:
No show sports socks by Adidas:
Cactus pot holders by Suma Tessuti Ostuni:
Vogue UK and Vogue USA by Condé Nast:

Photos al rights reserved.

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