Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Varadero... Heaven on Earth!

Last month I made another trip to Cuba... and I must say Varadero is truely Heaven on Earth! The beaches are amazing; the water is just so incredibly blue; the flowers, the fish, the birds and the cocktails have all the colours of the rainbow!!!

Of course, Cuba is a "complicated" country to say the least, but to me it's always been worth it visiting, meeting the locals, getting to know the country better, admiring the breathtaking views...
And if you're a photographer, amateur or professional, well then it's the first spot I would recommend going!

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Most photos were taken at the Blau Varadero resort:

Flip-flops by Havaianas:
White dress by Zara:
Navy blue shirt by Guess:
Navy blue pants by Carla G:
Golden sandals by Comme Il Faut:
Earrings by Gas Bijoux:
Sunglasses by Prada:
Yellow bag by H&M:
Pink scarf:


  1. Love these pictures!!!
    I have never been but this is a good incentive to check it out...the water looks amazing!!!