Thursday, October 6, 2011

Latin chic!

Do you love the latin lifestyle as much as I do? Then you should get one of these books, that can show you how to create a latin atmosphere in your livingroom, kitchen & bedroom...!

The colours are so vibrant, the photos so beautiful, the recipes so yummy... Oh... and then those latinas..! Don't they look überchic? (The male models don't look too bad either.)

The first book, Latin Chic by the Venezuelan Carolina Buia and by Cuban-American Isabel González, gives brilliant advice on how to throw a latin style party. What food to cook, which drinks to serve, which flowers to buy and which dress to wear. Simply amazing!

Latin grill is not only a book with mouthwatering recipes, but also a wonderful coffee table book, because of the beautiful photos.

Well and then MaRio De Janeiro by Mario Testino... that might not exactly be suitable for the coffeetable, but is a musthave for fashionistas and photography lovers alike.

Last but not least, Living in Argentina is a great book to dream away & to see how stylish Argentians live.

For more information please visit:

MaRio De Janeiro

Living in Argentina

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