Thursday, September 8, 2011

Paintings by Nicole Carvajal

These beautiful paintings by Nicole Carvajal came to my attention by accidence, can you imagine? But... this is how things go with art (and life)... when you least expect it, you find the most wonderful things! I got captivated by them immediately!

Nicole Carvajal is a Chilean painter, who escaped from Chile after the military coup in 1973. She traveled through the Andes to Argentina, took the boat to Italy and finally came to The Netherlands, where she would enroll in the famous Rietveld Academy.

She studied at some of the most prestigious art academies on both sides of the Atlantic: the Facultad de Artes Aplicadas and the Facultad de Bellas Artes at the Universidad de Chile in Santiago (Chile); at the Escuela de Arte in Malaga (Spain) and at the Accademia San Marco in Florence (Italy). The list of her exhibitions is just as impressive!

Nicole Carvajal's inspiration by famous painters like Fernando Botero and Johannes Vermeer is clearly visible, especially in the pose of the women. Look for example at Helpless Odalisk and Girl without a pearl.

In her most recent works, Carvajal is inspired by flora and fauna. Carvajal: ‘Nature is a symbol for fertility, but for me it is also a symbol for the unpredictable’.

I absolutely love her paintings! The colours, the themes, the underlying messages.... Hmm.... I'll put one of her works on my Christmas-wishlist!

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Photos courtesy of Nicole Carvajal.

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  1. Totally love it! Especially the first one because of its Asian look :)