Monday, September 5, 2011

Beachclub Doen, Scheveningen

Hurry! You still have 7 weeks to check out this marvelous beachclub in Scheveningen, The Netherlands. Because Beachclub Doen will close on october 23rd... Otherwise you will have to wait until next summer!

It's one of my favourite places along the Dutch coast. The white-washed floors and furniture give it a that Mediterranean look and feel; the great menu as well as the extended winelist make it stand out from all the other beachclubs. Salads, sandwiches, pizza for the kids, a good old steak, lobster, Surf & Turf..... Doen has it all.

So if you just want to have a latte in front of the fireplace (Dutch summers are a little unpredictable) or a bottle of Moët Ice Impérial out on the deck.... it doesn't matter, you'll always feel welcome. Manager Sander and his kind staff will take care of that.

Some people like the place so much, they have their wedding reception at Doen! In fact, there is a separate area for parties and (business) events.

Doen's location is perfect: close to the harbour and far away from all the tourist joints. If you come early, you can even park right in front of the entrance!

If all this hasn't convinced you... I don't know what will!

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