Monday, August 29, 2011

Givenchy make-up session

Last thursday I participated in a make-up session by Givenchy at The College Hotel in Amsterdam. The make-up session was held in occasion of the Jackie's Best Dressed Awards, where not only the editorial staff, the hostess and the famous guests were made up, but also some lucky Jackie readers.

There were 4 make-up artists, who showed us all the new colours and products. I loved their revolutionary new mascara (Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Mascara), which has a ball-shaped brush!

The round tip separates the eyelashes really well and lengthens every lash from its root. I have to say, It felt very funny when Sanne applied it to my eyelashes... I couldn't stop laughing.

For the waitresses there was a special colour scheme; the Jackie staff, the celebrities and the guests could choose themselves. Since I was going to wear a green skirt, a cream-coloured shirt and gold jewelry, I opted for green eye shadow with golden highlights.

The make-up artist did an amazing job! Was that really me in the mirror? Thank you Givenchy and Jackie for this wonderful experience! I'll be back at the Givenchy make-up counter for more!

For more information:
Givenchy Cosmetics

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