Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Catch of the Day... Club Med t-shirt

I'm so in love with this t-shirt... and with Club Med! Recently I went on a trip with Club Med and of course I had to bring back a souvenir (or two... or three...)! "I love 45" in fact stands for "I love Club Med".

You know why? When -the travel organisation- Club Med celebrated their 45th anniversary in 1995, they designed t-shirts flaunting 45; every resort had its own colours and the name of that specific resort on the back.The 45 t-shirts flew off the shelves!

However for Club Med's 50th anniversary in 2000... the t-shirts didn't sell very well at all. Apparently, people are visually more attracted by the numbers 45 than 50. Who knew?

From that year on Club Med decided that their signature t-shirts would have 45 on them. Since then they have become a collector's item, just like Hard Rock Café t-shirts or Starbucks coffee mugs.

Stay tuned for a new blog about my trip on board the Club Med cruise ship!

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