Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Vitamins... July 15


Do you want to know what moves me? Here's some of my inspiration for the month of july.... I also like to call them vitamins for the soul! Fruit, flowers, cocktails, shoes... it doesn't really matter, as long as it's special and colourful.

1. Blueberries on a plate by Riviera Maison
2. Lavender and thistles by florist Ton Hofman
3. Flowers, raspberries and earrings (a gift)
4. Vintage jewelry, Creed perfume and Vita Coco drink
5. Pool party with my friends
6. Shopwindow with casmere throws
7. Summer bouquet
8. Friendship bracelets by Barong Barong, Paris Loft, from Peru
9. Macarons by Sandri, Perugia
10. Hugo cocktails by Absolut Lounge, Brixen,
11. Fallen leaves
12. Carnation
13. Homegrown rose
14. Ecuador roses and Etro pillow
15. Raspberry cheesecake icecream by Grom
16. Strawberry Bellini by Bistrò al Forte
17. Homemade fruit salad
18. Drinks at Caffè del Teatro Morlacchi
19. Shoes by Michael Kors, Comme il Faut, Canfora and Via Uno

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