Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Antwerp... City of Art!

In Antwerp... art is everywhere! From Gothic and Baroque churches to Art D├ęco and Neo Baroque buildings... And it's not "just" the architecture that draws your attention. It's graffiti and street art, it's fashion and it's fashionable people.

While I was in Antwerp for the "Inspirations" exhibition by Dries Van Noten, I also took a guided tour through the city. This so-called fashion walk took us through cute little side alleys, to delightful vintage stores (Rosier 41 among others) and to several fashion designers, including Anna Heylen. (The blue cocktail dress is hers.)

Guide Sophie took us to Saint Andrew's Church, to show us the dress Ann Demeulemeester designed for the Virgin Mary. Incredible! Baby Jesus got a curly wig along the way. What a forward-thinking priest to give Demeulemeester that assignment! (He wants to attract younger people to church.)

Another highlight was the visit we paid to glove store A. Boon. The only remaining glove shop in Antwerp was founded by two Italians in 1882. It was taken over by Arthur Boon in 1920 and has remained a family business ever since. The shopkeeper needed a "model" to try on the gloves, so I volunteered and got the royal treatment.

The perfect treat that I saved for the way home, was the "Boule de New York", also known as the Belgian version of the cronut... yummy! One more reason to visit Antwerp I would say.

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