Monday, April 14, 2014

Setting the table for Easter

My regular readers know that I love setting the table with my fanciest tableware, for special occasions but also on a regular monday night! For Christmas and Easter I go all out... and of course I always want to try something new (different kind of table linen, flowers, etc.).

Yesterday I came across this lovely chinaware in one of my favourite shops, Philippona. Aren't the Easter decorations and the "bunnies" serving dish adorable? Unfortunately I did not bring my photo camera, but these cell phone pics will give you an idea.

Accidentaly I also discovered an amazing Brazilian website, Vamos Receber, which is all about receiving guests and... you guessed that right, setting the table. They used a similar kind of porcelain for their Easter table as Philippona! For some inspiration, please visit:

For more information on Philippona, please visit:

Or read my previous blog about the store: 

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