Friday, January 24, 2014

Jan Boelo at Amsterdam Fashion Week

Tonight I went to the Fall-Winter 14/15 fashion show by Dutch Designer Jan Boelo. The 25-year old Boelo used to be a protegé of Edgar Vos, Jan Taminiau and even worked at Balmain. As could be expected, the place was packed! There were many celebrities front row, including singer Eva Simons.

Boelo used dark colours, giving the collection obviously a “dark” vibe. Although I have to say the brown and gold hues felt “warm” at the same time. There was of course lots of leather (Boelo’s trademark), but he mixed it up with luxurious fabrics such as silk, lame’, silver and gold brocade.

Game of Thrones eat your heart out! These tough knights and beautiful -yet fierce- princesses were transported from the Middle Ages right into the 21st century… making it a collection for strong personalities, who don’t mind standing out in the crowd.

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