Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Souvenirs from Capri & Sorrento

Capri, Sorrento, but also Amalfi and Positano... they have so much to offer! Not just beautiful views, great food and good wines... oh no... you can shop till you drop! And as most of you know, I love to shop. Funnily enough I also like shopping for souvenirs. Here are some of my best finds.

1. Ceramics from the area. (Sold everywhere)
2. Handmade sandals by Canfora.
3. Limoncello sweets by Limonoro.
4. Limoncello in plastic bottles (very smart) by Limonoro.
5. A pretty little vase.
6. Lemon and orange scented soaps by Carthusia.
7. Olive scented soaps by Carthusia.
8. A little straw bag, bought in Amalfi.
9. Another cute bag, bought in Amalfi.

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