Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bloggers Breakfast at Lookx cosmetics

This week I was a guest at the Bloggers Breakfast organized by Lookx, a Dutch cosmetics brand with global ambitions! The CEO and owner of the company, Cindy van der Peet, told us about her ideas, passion, and wishes for the future.

International trainer Charlotte Favot explained to us why Lookx is so different from all the other cosmetics & skincare brands out there. In fact, all Lookx products are developed and tested in laboratories in Switzerland and Italy, especially designed to make sure they're not only beautifying, but also taking care of your skin.

One thing I loved to hear, was that Lookx uses nylon makeup brushes, instead of those made from animal hair. Cindy is a vegetarian and wants her brand to be as animal-friendly as possible!

Makeup artist Mark Reker showed us what you can do with the new Fall/Winter collection (making beautiful 'smokey eyes' among others) and photographer Otto van den Toorn took photos of everyone... so the stunning results will last a little longer than just one day!

I loved my smokey eyes and coral lips... it made me feel like a movie star! (In the last photo, together with Cindy, you can see the final result.) Thank you so much Cindy, Mark, Otto & the rest of the Lookx team for a wonderful time.

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