Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I Looove... Stripes

Stripes... they're perfect. Nautical in blue and white, beach style in white and gold, narrow, regular-sized or wide stripes, vertical or horizontal... I looove them all! (NB. wide stripes are a big theme for the resort collections 2013, especially by Dolce & Gabbana)

Pictured here from top to bottom:
1. Sweater by H&M:
2. Sweater, light blue, white, gold by H&M:
3. Shirt by Zara:
4 & 5. Shirt, white and gold by H&M:
6. Long sleeve t-shirt by Quicksilver:
7. Long sleeve t-shirt with pink print by Judith Osborn:
vintage (company no longer exists)
8. Skirt by H&M:

With a special thank you to my girlfriends from Umbria Jazz!!!
Annika, Erika, Marija, Sandra, Maria Cristina, Marta e Elisa.

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