Saturday, May 18, 2013

Vitamins... May

1. Antique liquor glasses, Antiques market The Hague
2. Vogue Paris, cover by Mario Testino
3. Friendship bracelets, various brands
4. Friendship bracelets, ByDanie
5. Clothes by Rinascimento
6. Bracelets by Barong Barong
7. Mosaic in Havana, Cuba
8. Ceramics from Deruta, Italy
9. My new business cards
10. Clothes at ByDanie Vintage, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
11. Bracelets by Barong Barong
12. Peacock in Havana, Cuba

Most pictures taken at these wonderful spots:
Antiques Market The Hague, The Netherlands:
Beachclub Doen; The unofficial start of Summer:
Barong Barong store, Amsterdam, The Netherlands:
Cuban Mosaics, Havana, Cuba:
ByDanie Vintage store, Amsterdam, The Netherlands:
A trip to Paradise, Cuba:

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