Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter preparations

This year I’m taking a different style approach to Easter. An exotic one to be precise. Maybe due to the weather (it's actually snowing as we speak); or maybe because there are so many cute “tropical” accessories for sale right now… either way, I long for the tropics, the Caribbean, La Dolce Vita...

So I opted for placemats in the shape of a palm tree leaf, plates with bamboo decorations, napkins with butterflies, multicoloured flowers and bling bling Easter eggs! Oh and sangria...

Flowers by De Bosrand:
Metallic Easter eggs by Lifestyle:
Placemats by Zara Home:
Bamboo plate by Zara Home:
Sheep ornaments by Bloemboutique Ton Hofman:
Napkins with butterflies by le Chic... di Silvia:
in Via dei Magoni 6b, Orvieto, Italy.
Wine glasses:

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