Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday Wishlist

This holiday season I fell for everything exotic... bright colours like pink, yellow and blue. Now that's something else than the usual Christmas colours (red, gold and silver), don't you think? With all the (pre)spring collections already in the stores, it won't be hard to find any of these candy coloured items. So Santa, will you make me happy and give me that spring feeling?

ps. Gentlemen... you may think that most of these items are for ladies only, but we all know, when she's happy... you'll be happy too!

Watch by Orefici Watches:
Blue tango shoes by Comme il Faut for Lisadore:
Bag by H&M:
Blue felt fascinator with feathers by Eudia:
Lingerie by H&M:
Pink kaftan by The Muzungu Sisters:
Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial Champagne:
Elystan Californian Sunset Ring by Robinson Pelham:
Shorts by H&M:
Green fascinator by Eudia:
Green lotus earrings set with pear shaped peridot and diamonds in yellow gold by Robinson Pelham:
"Take me to Saint Barth" candle by Memo Paris:
Bracelets by Barong barong:
Phillipe Model sneakers at Paul Warmer:

Photos courtesy of SO PR for Orefici Watches, Lisadore for Comme il Faut, H&M, Eudia, The Muzungu Sisters, Moët & Chandon, Robinson Pelham, Memo Fragrances Paris, Barong Barong and Paul warmer for Philippe Model.

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  1. I will sure put those sneakers on my wishlist! Cute colours!