Saturday, November 24, 2012

Giardini Bardini, Florence, Italy


Florence… the ususal suspects are of course the Ponte Vecchio, the Duomo, Piazza della Signoria, the Uffizi Museum, the David by Donatello…. Been there, done that, got a t-shirt? Then Giardini Bardini is the place to visit next! These beautiful gardens, located close to the Ponte Vecchio, are a true gem right in the city centre.

Climb the stairs to enjoy the breathtaking views of Florence or to have coffee or lunch at the café. It’s a lovely place, suitable for a talk, a walk… for tourists who want to relax and for the many art students that live in or visit the city. I found several people painting and drawing, on a bench, on a tree stump, in the sun, in the shade…
The gardens are just so picturesque. Very suitable for a marriage proposal or even a wedding!

Besides the small café on the top of the hill, there is a fancy restaurant, where you can enjoy a more luscious lunch (not always open though). The restaurant also hosts special events, (jazz) concerts and wine tasting tours. While I was there, they were preparing for a big gala dinner at night... I couldn't believe my eyes... such a pretty location for a charity event!

The gardens are open daily, but opening hours vary according to the season. Check their website for accurate information. Admission fee is €10; I think it's really worth it.

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