Friday, October 5, 2012

Fall Wishlist

This fall I want everything purple and blue!!! Like this beautiful ball gown... or how about those purple booties? I'd wear them with one of those gorgeous purple orchids in my hair.... and I'd go for a cocktail at the Galaxy bar in Athens...

Ball gown by Unielle Couture:
Blue Lapis Gypsy stone ring by Isharya:
Cocktail dress by Unielle Couture:
Ink blue candy mirror drop resin ring by Isharya:
Sweater by H&M:
Moccasins by Via Uno:
Winter coat by H&M:
High heel bootie by Giuseppe Zanotti at Paul Warmer:
Flowers, Vanda Exotic Purple and Vanda Magic Blue by Anco pure Vanda:
A night out at the Galaxy Bar, Hilton Hotel, Athens:

Photos courtesy of SO PR for Unielle Couture, Isharya, H&M, Via Uno, Paul Warmer for Giuseppe Zanotti, LM Flower fashion for Anco pure Vanda, Hilton Athens.

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