Saturday, July 21, 2012

Luisa Via Roma, Florence, Italy

Luisa Via Roma is one of the coolest stores on the planet!!! Located in the wonderful city of Florence, the store not only attracts local customers, but many foreigners as well. Can you blame them? After seeing so many pretty things in museums, churches and all… the Stendhal syndrome (hallucinations due to the exposure to large amounts of beautiful art) has to be cured in some way… So off they go to Luisa!

At Luisa Via Roma extravagance is key. Wherever you look, there are extremely luxurious fashion items: clothes, shoes, bags, hats, hair accessories, jewelry… anything you can think of. However, most of their revenues come through e-tailing. The actual store is more like a showroom. Make that a very cool showroom.

They got state of the art computer screens throughout the store, where you can see in a matter of seconds if the item you desire is still available, in what size and what the prize is. The owner, Andrea Panconesi, is what the italians call “avanti”! He understood a long time ago how important e-commerce would become and invested in the relative infrastructure, making an important player on the global market.

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