Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bas Kosters, Spring-Summer 2012

When I asked fashion designer Bas Kosters what his new spring-summer collection was all about, he told me: "this collection puts the 'u' in ugly"! It's based upon an 'ugly' woman he saw walking down the street. But what defines ugly? Of course that's not the same for everyone!

For some of the prints, he used photos of beautiful people and then elaborated them into ugly people, cutting out eyes, lips, noses and repositiong them and actually creating very funny faces. 
(see first photo)

While for some of you, Bas Kosters might be a little bit too risqué... there are several very wearable pieces, like the ruffled mini skirt you see pictured above. It's definitely one of my favourites.

In the last two shots, you see Bas Kosters together with Greek fashion designer Angelos Bratis, talking about his collection. Who knows how the two of them inspired each other? Angelos might be using crazy prints next year and Bas might switch to ladylike eveningdresses...?!

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