Monday, March 7, 2011

My favourite fashion magazines

My all-time favourite fashion magazines are Vogue España, Vogue Paris, Vogue USA, and Jackie... not particularly in that order.
(that varies every month)!

Vogue España is always so vibrant!
Bright colours, cocktail dresses, cocktail bars.... la vida loca.

French Vogue is of course... French Vogue.... no explanation needed!
Although it's a pity Carine Roitfeld is leaving,
I'm looking forward to Emmanuelle Alt's first issue.

I have been buying and collecting American Vogue since 1991....
What more can I say?!
Anna Wintour for President!

Jackie.... ahhh Jackie... my favourite Dutch fashion magazine,
with a tongue-in-cheek style that always makes me laugh!!!
Too bad they don't have an international (English) edition.

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